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Willy Wonka Puckerooms

Oh Willy Wonka what are you really doing behind closed doors? Just the other day as I was looking to satisfy my sweet tooth, I stumbled upon these Willy Wonka candy gummies called Sour Puckerooms Gummies. You know what caught my attention, the fact that the mushroom shaped candies strongly resemble tiny colorful penises!

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Facebook For Teachers

Brokers of Expertise -

We can’t deny that the social network Facebook is a great place to exchange ideas. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could apply that same model towards something more important than about how many pigs one has in their farm? Well, the California Department of Education has created such a site called Brokers of Expertise. The site exclusively for teachers allows its educators to create online groups and communities for collaboration to positively influence instructing strategies.

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Robert Schimmel

Comedian Robert Schimmel managed to beat cancer but at age 60 has died on Friday night after being hospitalized due to complications from severe injuries due to the car that was driven by his daughter flipping several times attempting to avoid an oncoming car. His 19-year old daughter was also hospitalized but will make a full recovery and his 11-year old son was released the same day without injuries.

His brother, Jeff Schimmel confirmed via Facebook of the tragic news:

ROBERT SCHIMMEL. Son, Brother, Father, Grandfather, Comedian, Generous Man. I have always loved you, admired you, and was proud to be your biggest fan. I will never forget a single moment. R.I.P.

He was one of my favorite comedians and my list doesn’t include many. R.I.P.

If you’ve ever wondered what lobsters do at your local supermarket while you’re not watching you might want to take a look at this short clip.

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