Willy Wonka Puckerooms

Oh Willy Wonka what are you really doing behind closed doors? Just the other day as I was looking to satisfy my sweet tooth, I stumbled upon these Willy Wonka candy gummies called Sour Puckerooms Gummies. You know what caught my attention, the fact that the mushroom shaped candies strongly resemble tiny colorful penises!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to cause a stir and claim that Willy Wonka has really been wanking. Its just that for those like myself who don’t have the cleanest of mindsets, when something like this erects itself it needs to be petered out!

Open package of Willy Wonka Puckerooms

The package of mushroom shaped sour gummies come in three-different flavors: cherry, grape and lemon-orange. As for the taste, its your basic gummy candy with a sprinkle of sour-sugar which wasn’t very sour, at least for me. On a scale of one-through-five I’d give the sour rating a mild two as the treat was sweeter than sour.

Gummy Candy

Look at those yummy Puckerooms! This is not the first time gummy candy has been mistaken for a tiny male member.

Hanna Montana Gummy Guitars

There was the case of the Hannah Montana Concert Candy gummies that contained “skin” coloured gummy-guitars and microphones looked like a tiny flimsy penises.

Gummy Lighthouses candy

Or the Mill Farm Gummy Lighthouses, so so yummy!

Whether any of these cases are true subliminally-phallic messages or just the result of an overactive dirty-mind, there is no denying that sucking on these will satisfy your taste buds.

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