Ask Google For Your IP address

Ask Google For Your IP address

Google has always known your IP address, but now if you need it for something and share my lazyness. You can cut out that extra click by simply typing  “what is my ip address” in the search query box and Google will promptly display your current IP address.  If you’re really lazy, you could just type “ip” and it will work just the same.

You may or may not know that there have been several web sites around for years that offer this service and for free as well. All one had to do is go to sites like to find out your IP address. This Google feature will probably not be a good thing for those sites in the long term that rely on users wanting to know their IP.  There is probably some type of ad or services revenue that the websites generate off users. At least for now Google only displays the IP address and doesn’t get into too any detail as Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other tidbits of information that websites like the one mentioned offer.

Currently, a couple of my Linux boxes use the automation feature of to find out the current ip address as they’re dynamic and changes from time to time. That was just a shameless plug for

Slowly but surely Google has been taking over the world for years. This is probably just another little step. Baby steps that sure make life a lot more convenient, hopefully in the end not with a price.  I know I’ll be using the IP address feature extensively, while my machines will use the automated script at How about you? Do you care? Will you use it? Let me know in the comments below.

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