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N97 txt msg headers

Despite of the numerous disadvantages that a buggy Nokia N97 has — even after firmware updates — like daily battery pulls, resistive touch screen and freezing to name a few. For whatever reason, I have made it my primary all-in-one mobile device. This is pretty embarrassing but not its not until recently that I figured out how to add subject headers to text and multimedia messages.

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Nokia E7 User Manual and Tips

Thank goodness for FCC filings — at least for those of us who have gadget OCD. If you’re as excited as me about the E7 and willing to give up the 12MP camera plus the radio transmitter. You might want to download the 26-page E7 user manual.

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N8 Formats WP7 MicroSD Card

N8 USB Host

You know that pesky issue with Windows Phone 7 and microSD cards? The one where the phone formats the memory chips in such a way that they are  rendered unusable in other devices other than WP7. Well Engadget Editor-in chief Josh Topolsky tweets that the Nokia N8 with its USB On The Go (USB host) capabilities, was able to do what Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux, Mac and other systems could not. Format the microSD card!

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SyFy's Sharktopus

Among  the recent batch of wannabe B-Movies from SyFy, my favorite has to be by far the bullet proof, tentacle-walking SHARKTOPUS! Yep, the title is equally as bad as the script. The premise is that a half-shark, half-octopus creature created for the military, terrorizes vacationers in Mexico while the scientist who created it tries to capture/kill it. If you haven’t seen the flick I suggest you stop reading if you mind spoilers, otherwise read on.

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