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Jan Pehechan-Ho performed by Mohammed Rafi.

Leave it up to the latest “trendy” beer commercial by none other than Heineken to┬áresurrect a catchy Bollywood 60s tune while at the same time confusing the audience and alienating a couple of races.

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Tastea Music Video

Nope, not even boba nai cha (or bubble tea) is safe from parody as JustKiddingFilms comes out with this outrageously funny advert for Tastea. A smoothie and tea shop located in Southern California.

JustKiddingFilms apparently have quite a few short comedic films on their YouTube channel. Check them out!

Watch as Leo LAPORTE of ChiefTWIT interviews Craig Allen and Eric Kallman, the creators of the popular Old Spice commercial “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.”

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Microwaved iPad 3G

It is safe to say that I am one of those people that WON’T wait in line for hours on end for any of the newest Apple products. At the same time I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself an “Apple hater.” But this video does bring a smile to my face. Thanks to Dovetastic’s Microwave Theater, where you get to see what happens to an iPad 3G when it is microwaved.

Welcome to dOvetastic Microwave Theater. Today your professional microwave operator is going to *microwave* his Brand New 3G 64GB iPAD fresh out of the factory box strait from Apple for your viewing pleasure. DO NOT Attempt.

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