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Clara Chung

Another guitar-toting pretty girl you say? Not quite the entire story, you’ll have to close your eyes and open up your ears for CLARA  (grand prize winner of Kollaboration 10).

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Human Centipede 2009

Dr Shows his "patients" the human centipede diagram

Ever wonder what the world’s most successful conjoined-twin separation surgeon does for fun? Easy, he does the exact opposite to perfectly healthy people by sewing their mouths to their colons connecting their digestive tracks forming a “human centipede.”. Grossed out yet? No? Ok then, watch the trailer.
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idCHECK by ID Watchdog

When you read or hear the word “prepaid” you usually think cell phone refill minutes or gift cards. Now thanks to Denver-based company ID Watchdog, you will have the ability to pick up prepaid identity theft protection from the same rack as all the other cards and find out if someone is using your social security number right now!

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Ding! Ding! Apple vs. HTC

Apple vs. HTC

Last March Engadget reported on a lawsuit that Apple was filing against HTC for infringement on 20 iPhone patents. The suit was not even processed through the court system yet and HTC found out about it through the Engadget website. Well just yesterday HTC announced in a press release that they are suing Apple over five patent infringements by Apple products to halt the importation and sale of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in the United States.

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