Jan Pehechan-Ho performed by Mohammed Rafi.

Leave it up to the latest “trendy” beer commercial by none other than Heineken to resurrect a catchy Bollywood 60s tune while at the same time confusing the audience and alienating a couple of races.

“The Date” commercial by Heineken

Nothing less is to be expected upon watching commercial television, so there really shouldn’t be any surprises here. The Heineken marketing team hits another “home run” with the latest in their series of  “Open Your World” commercials, with this one titled: The Date.  Where a the protagonist — in your typical male-Westerner arrogance — oohs and awes his date and the people around him as they crash an exclusive Chinese restaurant all to the tune of a 1960’s Bollywood song that if you didn’t know any better like me, would have thought it was sung in Chinese.

Insert racist comment here: it all sounds the same to me. Not really, the words were just difficult to make out.

The original dance number comes from the 1966 Indian film Gumnaam. The song is “Jan Pehechan-Ho” performed by Bollywood music legend Mohammed Rafi. The scene is quite interesting and is reminiscent of the 60s BATMAN.

Youtube Comments

As of now the top comments are an acknowledgement of Heineken leading people to this original and a mention of Ghost World.


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