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technics 1200

First it was Polaroid with the film, then Sony with the Walkman line, now Panasonic announces in a statement to The Tokyo Reporter that they will discontinue audio products within their Technics line. Its a sad day for DJs, turntabilists  and vinyl audiophiles as the iconic Technics 1200 production will be no more.

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Facebook Phishing Scam

Facebook Phishing "Look at you haha:P" Scam

It was only a matter of time before phishing scams hit the walls of Facebook users. It all begins as a confirmed friend — whose account has been compormised — posts a link on  another friend’s wall. As the unsuspecting user clicks on the link, they are logged out of Facebook and re-directed to a different domain that looks just like the official Facebook site. Once the user logs in, credentials such as username and password have been given to the malicious site.

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xmarks multiple=

Back on September 27th, 2010 Todd Agulnick Co-Founder and CTO of Xmarks, Inc. announced in the company blog that the Xmarks service would cease operations due to funding issues. The community — which includes myself — would have none of that and not let their beloved cross-browser syncing service go without a fight and it worked! Although not signed and in-writing, Xmarks has received several offers from multiple companies ready and willing to take over operations.

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Eddie Matos in State Farm "National Pastime" commercial

Eddie Matos in the State Farm "National Pastime" commercial

You may have noticed a series of commercials that feature a Latino spokesman (Eddie Matos) for State Farm, giving viewers an easier way to save money by simply switching to their insurance. A colleague and I have been refering to the actor as “The Mexican Tom Cruise” due to what else but his Tom Cruise-like features. Wanting to know a little more about the guy, a quick Google search yielded nothing but results filled with animosity and hate directed towards the guy.
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