Go See Cal Go See Cal

Go See Cal Go See Cal – Cal and his dog “Spot”

If you have to ask who Cal Worthington is, you’re either too young or not a Southern California native. The car dealer pitch salesman became quite famous for his outlandish but fun commercials featuring himself performing wild stunts with his dog “Spot” to a re-written banjo-esque version of the children’s tune: “If You’re Happy And You Know It.”

Growing up watching tons of television. His commercials seemed to come on at all times of the day. The nights when I would stay up late to watch movies, there he was. Walking with variations of his dog “Spot,” which wasn’t a dog at all. But rather animals ranging from elephants, lions, camels, and chimpanzees. Definitely an attention getter. The reason why he is quite memorable to me is not because he gave me a good deal on a car but because of that tiny act of defiance — even though I was allowed to — of staying up late as a child past my bed time. That combined with the pleasant mannerisms of an Oklahoma ex-military pilot wearing a big white cowboy diddy hat riding elephants assured his commercials would be engraved into a fond childhood memory.

If you want a car or truck, go see Cal.

If you want to save a buck, go see Cal

Give a new car to your wife, she will love you all your life.

Go see Cal.

Go see Cal.

Go see Cal.

Now if you want to “Go See Call” you’ll have to drive to car country heaven.

Rest in peace Cal.

Carl Worthington (Shidler, OK) November 27, 1920 – September 8, 2013

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