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New Facebook Privacy Controls Inline

Just a few moments ago while complaining about something utterly unimportant on Facebook. I noticed this little guy pop-up telling me about some new privacy controls on status updates. It seems now that you have the option of tagging who you are with as well as your current location and finally with the option of making your update public or whatever. I know they say that these are privacy controls but if anything it seems like they are more ways to lose your privacy. You decide.

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Nokie Developer Image

Now I don’t feel so bad that this site got compromised last week. I received an email yesterday regarding a security breach on the discussion forum. It looks like someone forgot to patch the forum which was exploited via an SQL injection attack.

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Reported attack site

Unfortunately some douche decided to ruin my day by exploiting this site via the zero day vulnerability found in thumbtim.php that can allow arbitrary file uploads. Yup, just like many self-hosting WordPress bloggers one of my plugins and themes was using the vulnerable thumbtim.php and ended up taking most of my day to — with the help of other victims — restore the site from with a fresh and shiny clean install. I’ll have to admit that the site being compromised was due to laziness on my part. Even so, its not cool to mess things up for someone with not a lot of time to keep everything in check. Bastards!

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