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Mobile Phone Launch Girls

It dawned on me today while looking at the latest Engadget news. The fact that I have not seen a gallery exclusively dedicated to a couple of my favorite passions in life — mobile phones and beautiful women! The latter of course not being less important than the former, the sentence just flowed better that way.

LG Optimus Z Korea Launch

A quick scour of the Internets yielded many eye-pleasing results. The images are in no particular order, but I did try to find ones that were actual images taken from the pictured mobile phone’s launch.

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Being a a mobile phone junkie, I’m patiently awaiting the sale of Nokia’s next flagship device, the Nokia N8.  More importantly I am waiting for user input on usability and performance to help me decide if this device will be my next mobile phone.

Nokia N8

I tend to use these devices in such a demanding way that it is mandatory for a feature set of my strictest requirements be met. The potential of the N8 is there to be my all-in-one device. But as you may know, many of the long-time  supporters like Ricky Cadden (Symbian-Guru.com) are now dropping Nokia/Symbian devices for Android based ones because of disappointing performance in previous flasgships like the Nokia N97. With any hope Nokia have learned their lesson and have corrected many of the issues.

I too, as a long time Nokia supporter am on the edge of dropping the brand all together and moving on. Possibly with an Android device as well. For now I’ll be crossing my fingers so stick around as I explore some of the features that I will be looking for and explain how I will be using them.

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