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After numerous reports on blog sites and forums of the iPhone 4 having poor reception when held in certain ways. Many were wondering if a recall of the newly launched device was on the horizon. Today Steve Jobs stood by his product in a 90-minute press conference and offered a quick fix to the wrap-around antenna issue.

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If you’ve been watching Sports Center today, you may have noticed the continuing Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime marketing campaign that is being shoved down our retinas.

Apple FaceTime makes it a lot easier for Pedo Bear to video chat

Actually as I was typing this, one of the commercials played right behind me on the tube. There are about four new variants: Big News, Meet Her, Haircut and my favorite Smile.

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iPhone 4 image by apple.com

A big pat in the back is in order for the Apple marketing department as the much awaited iPhone 4 has been officially announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2010. With the exception of the next generation iPhone’s name, you have outdone yourselves again! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? You too programmers.

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