According to Hitwise, the leader in competitive intelligence. Facebook has surpassed Google for the week ending in March 14, 2010 by becoming the most visited website in the United States. You can read more details here.

Apparently Facebook is steadily climbing and it really is not surprise. Chances are that someone you know with access to the internet, (whether it be by a computer or mobile device) is already on Facebook. Sure Google is the #1 go-to-site for searches, but there is one little thing missing: FarmVille!

For those who wish to compare. Which one is better? Its not about which one is better because they are both different animals all together. Google is the king of search and Facebook is the king of social networking. Then again you’re more likely to find that long lost High School friend on Facebook than on Google. While Google knows just about everything about us internally, Facebook knows the external. Just something to think about.