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SyFy's Sharktopus

Among  the recent batch of wannabe B-Movies from SyFy, my favorite has to be by far the bullet proof, tentacle-walking SHARKTOPUS! Yep, the title is equally as bad as the script. The premise is that a half-shark, half-octopus creature created for the military, terrorizes vacationers in Mexico while the scientist who created it tries to capture/kill it. If you haven’t seen the flick I suggest you stop reading if you mind spoilers, otherwise read on.

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Eddie Matos in State Farm "National Pastime" commercial

Eddie Matos in the State Farm "National Pastime" commercial

You may have noticed a series of commercials that feature a Latino spokesman (Eddie Matos) for State Farm, giving viewers an easier way to save money by simply switching to their insurance. A colleague and I have been refering to the actor as “The Mexican Tom Cruise” due to what else but his Tom Cruise-like features. Wanting to know a little more about the guy, a quick Google search yielded nothing but results filled with animosity and hate directed towards the guy.
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Human Centipede 2009

Dr Shows his "patients" the human centipede diagram

Ever wonder what the world’s most successful conjoined-twin separation surgeon does for fun? Easy, he does the exact opposite to perfectly healthy people by sewing their mouths to their colons connecting their digestive tracks forming a “human centipede.”. Grossed out yet? No? Ok then, watch the trailer.
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