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Nokia N9 Group

Now that we know the Nokia N9 is real and that it is running MeeGo I just have one question: Where is my keyboard? It seems that earlier reports about the MeeGo touted device were incorrect as far as a hardware keyboard was concerned.

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The Nokia N9 is a Go with MeeGo!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was reading my twitter feeds.  There was a teaser video for either the Nokia N950 or Nokia N9, either way its a NSeries phone with a 12 Megapixel Autofocus camera! With any hope, Nokia decided to please their fan boys and release the much awaited N9.

There are hints of MeeGo throughout, but we will see more in the coming weeks.

Check out this mynokiablog for an in-depth look at the video


As much as I want to switch over to the Nokia N8 for the awesome camera and Symbian ^3. There is no keyboard on the device, plus the purple tint issues with the screen. Not spending $400 dollars for that. The E7 provides a keyboard but a crappy fixed-focus camera that ended up being the deal breaker. What is one to do? Well while I wait for either of those phones to drop in price, I’ll further squeeze out the usability out of my broken N97-3.  Looking around on the internet I found out how to use JAF to use a custom firmware and change the language pack. I’ll show you the steps I took and you can try, if you dare.

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I guess its no surprise that Nokia and Microsoft are pals now, as they announced their strategic partnership today.  After all, both have lost significant ground falling well behind in the high-end mobile space to that little green robot and the popular brand with a fruit as its logo. With Stephen Elop at Nokia’s helm, it has been decided to jump on icy waters rather than burn (see Elop leaked memo).

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