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Paul the “Psychic” Octopus boldly predicts Spain will win the 2010 World Cup Semi-final against Germany. So far the cephalopod has been 5-0 in its predictions of Germany’s national team match results in South Africa.  How does he do it?

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March Madness 2010

SDSU Men’s Basketball Team Lose to Tennessee in First Round 62-59

I’m not much of a Basketball fan. Don’t ask me why, I’ve just never had too much interest in watching the popular sport. This year however the fact that the San Diego State University Aztecs (men and women) basketball teams made it to the first round of this years’ NCAA tournament certainly grabbed my attention.

SDSU have never won an NCAA tournament game and this year seemed like a good year to finally win one. Now I understand why they call it “March Madness.” The fast-paced and exciting action makes for rapid heartbeats and sweaty palms. There were times where I was making sure that it was excitement due to the game and not a heart attack.

With the health concerns in check (at least for the moment) SDSU could never really capitalize on the mistakes Tennessee made. They had a lead in the early minutes of the game but after the Aztec lead was lost it would never be recovered. I kept screaming at the television for them to “stop trying to score three-pointers and go for two. You’re all not THAT good!” Sure enough SDSU ended up losing the game by a score of 62-59.

A good effort for the boys in red and black. Speaking of which San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders declared yesterday that today Thursday March 18 officially be “Red and Black Day” in honor of SDSU Aztecs basketball.

Now its up to the women to outdo the men Sunday at 4pm when they square off against the University of Texas Longhorns. Good luck!

Recap of First Round Scores of the NCAA Basketball Tournament
In no particular order

16 LEH 74 – 1 KU 90

16 ETSU 71 – 1 UK 100

15 UNT 62 – 2 KSU 82

12 UTEP 59 – 5 BUT 77

15 RMU 70 – 2 VILL 73

14 MONT 57 – 3 UNM 62

11 SDSU 59 – 6 TENN 62

14 OHIO 97 – 3 GTWN 83

10 FLA 92 – 7 BYU 99

14 SHSU 59 – 3 BAY 68

13 MURR 66 – 4 VAN 65

9 UNI 69 – 8 UNLV 66

10 SMC 80 – 7 RICH 71

11 ODU 51 – 6 ND 50

9 WAKE 81 – 8 TEX 80

11 WASH 80 – 6 MARQ 78