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Now that we know the Nokia N9 is real and that it is running MeeGo I just have one question: Where is my keyboard? It seems that earlier reports about the MeeGo touted device were incorrect as far as a hardware keyboard was concerned.

Seriously though, as I was watching the video link that i received via Twitter from Nokia, I was waiting to see the hardware keyboard pop-out. Half-way into the video my fingers were still crossed and as the phone did its fancy 360-degree turn showing off the sexy curves. My brain was quickly noticing that the absence of any potential lines that would hint of a keyboard were non-existent. Finally after the video was finished I asked myself, “Where is my keyboard?”

After calming down, i reloaded the video and began noticing the positives. The Sony Ericsson-like battery, time and signal icons were nice. As was the  beautifully and precisely machined body. Single piece means no user removable battery, but that can probably be remedied somehow. Last but not least MeeGo! A bit iOS looking, with all the icons about, but this just what the average user needs.

No Buttons

No Buttons -- All Screen

This might bode well for the masses, but I like myself  good old-fashioned buttons on my phones. Instead Nokia implements what they call a “swipe.” All you do is swipe the phone from the outer edge of the screen to return to the home screen. Looks like no front-facing camera for video calls. Unless its hidden somewhere in the black part of the screen there. 8MP Carl Seiss Lens camera with dual LED flash seems good enough for me though.

As is the usual drill for Nokia phones, I will be awaiting on hands-on reviews of the device before contemplating purchase.  I still use my broken N97 with custom firmware. So go nuts reviewers, let’s hear your say!

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