When a drug-related gun fight breaks outside a school  in Monterrey Mexico, 33-year old kindergarten teacher Marta Rivera Alanis calms her students by focusing their fears away with the “chocolate droplets falling from the sky” song while recording video of the incident on her blackberry.

Marta River Alanis

Marta Rivera Alanis - Associated Press

Rightly so, the quick-thinking teacher was awarded at a ceremony for her bravery by the governor of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico. The gun battle left five people dead but none of them were students or teachers. Rivera is a member of a Security Committee for Teachers. According to reports she told the press that she was proud and teachers have been trained for such incidents.

This story absolutely made my day. its great to know that amidst all of the drug-related violence people are overcoming adversity. Thank goodness for people like Ms. Rivera!

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