lastpass acquires xmarks

Just a few minutes ago I received some good news in my inbox. If you remember a few months ago, the bookmark sync service Xmarks was going to shut its doors to users of the service because of high costs. After an overwhelming show of support by its user base, a few companies began to listen and consider purchasing Xmarks. Thanks to the company LastPass “the leading password and data manager” Xmarks lives to sync your bookmarks another day — if you ask me Facebook or Google are the leading password and data managers but that’s another story. Xmarks remains free and for a premium of just $12 dollars you get iPhone and Android apps, advanced features as well as priority support.

Email from Xmarks

LastPass Acquires Xmarks!

Thank you for your continued support of Xmarks through this transitional time. After a near-brush with shutting down, we’re now happy to report that Xmarks has been acquired by LastPass, the leading password and data manager.
The acquisition means two things for Xmarks users:
1.) Xmarks is NOT shutting down! It will continue to be the same free service that you know and love.
2.) Xmarks now offers a Premium service for $12 per year that includes the iPhone and Android apps, advanced features, and priority support.
We hope that as an active Xmarks user, you will consider upgrading to Xmarks Premium to gain access to these features. Your support will not only ensure our long-term viability, but will also help accelerate the introduction of new features and service improvements.
We’re excited to continue providing the best data-syncing tools out there!
The LastPass and Xmarks Teams

I tend to use different systems and browsers and have found Xmarks to be the best solution for me to keep all of my bookmarks accessible whether it be Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc. At $12 bucks a year its quite a bargain if you need the premium services.

What do you think? Would you pay $12 dollars a year for the premium service? Stick with the free? Leave you comments.

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