Thank goodness for FCC filings — at least for those of us who have gadget OCD. If you’re as excited as me about the E7 and willing to give up the 12MP camera plus the radio transmitter. You might want to download the 26-page E7 user manual.

Jade Bryan from posted some select helpful tips.


  • Ctrl + A ==> Select all.
  • Ctrl + C ==> Copy text.
  • Ctrl + X ==> Cut text.
  • Ctrl + V ==> Paste text.
  • Shift + Sym ==> Change the writing language


  • A =  Reply to all.
  • C  = Create a new message.
  • D = Delete a message.
  • F = Forward a message.
  • O = Open a message.
  • R = Reply to a message.
  • Z = Synchronise the mail account.
  • Ctrl + S = Save a message in the Drafts folder.
  • + Zoom out.
  • # Zoom in.


To switch the flashlight on or off, slide and hold the lock switch for two seconds.

The flashlight can only be used when you are in the home screen. You can switch the flashlight on also when you are in the home screen and the keys and screen or the device is locked.

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I know its simple, but the little things make me happy. Once I read that the ‘torch’ or ‘flashlight’ feature is actually activated by the hardware slide lock button, it sealed the deal for me. The E7 is definitely my next phone!

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