N8 USB Host

You know that pesky issue with Windows Phone 7 and microSD cards? The one where the phone formats the memory chips in such a way that they are  rendered unusable in other devices other than WP7. Well Engadget Editor-in chief Josh Topolsky tweets that the Nokia N8 with its USB On The Go (USB host) capabilities, was able to do what Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux, Mac and other systems could not. Format the microSD card!

@joshuatopolsky on Twitter
OMG. Nokia N8 was able to format that WP7 microSD card! It works! Thanks to everyone who emailed / tweeted with the suggestion.

RT @weskoop: @joshuatopolsky Maybe MS should package the Nokia N8 with all WP7 phones as a card reader and solve everyones problems.

12MP camera, radio transmitter, penta-band 3G, 720p video recording, is there anything this device can’t do? Oh yeah, provide a satisfying user experience. This is why some of us die-hard Nokia fanboys stick with these devices, even as it they have painfully cryptic UIs. We’re used to it. Look at me, I’m still using an N97. Not even a mini but an original N97. Call me die-hard, loyal or any other adjectives of your choosing. I simply call it stupidity. Being loyal to any one brand is asinine.

You can even hook up a USB mouse!

You can even hook up a USB mouse!

But come on, you can even hook up a USB mouse to this thing. Why the hell would anyone want to do that? Why not? And because you can! Actually this can come in handy when connecting the N8 via the HDMI-out port to a big screen tv. Oh right, another fantastic feature. HDMI-out!!

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