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AP - Florencio Avalos first of the 33 miners to reach the surface

Just a few minutes ago 31-year old Florencio Avalos wearing special dark sunglasses to protect his eyes, became the first of the 33 Chilean miners trapped for 10 weeks and more than one kilometer underground to reach the surface.

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When the Nokia N8 was announced, I was extremely disappointed that it would only take 720p videos @ 25fps. Thankfully hyperX would have none of that and create a hack that allows videos up to 30fps with continuous autofocus.

Nokia N8 Compression Comparison

Nokia N8 Compression Comparison

Also in the mod is 100% image quality. There is less compression and therefore  less artifacts with the modification. The only downside is that images tend to be four or more times larger in size than the default settings.  I imagine that this would slow down the processing in both saving and opening time in the gallery application not to mention the built-in editing software.

Maybe Nokia will take the hint and release firmware with these features built in.

Download the modification full 30fps and 100% image quality (2.2 KB)

*** Note that you will need to sign the file and REBOOT the device after installation ***

The Nokia N8 Reviews Are In!

N8 image by Phone Arena

Now that the Nokia N8 has shipped, the reviews that I have been anxiously anticipating are appearing faster than Google instant can display them. Not exactly, but most of them have hit the key points — good and bad — that I thought would.

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Google Instant Blacklisted Words

Google Instant search results

Have you noticed recently that as you begin a search on Google, results appear instantly as you type? This is due to a new feature called Google Instant.

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