Always Innovating Smart Book

The Matryoshka doll of electronic devices

What if I told you that for around $549 US dollars, you could have a netbook, tablet and mobile in a three-way detachable setup that runs Chrome, Android and Ubuntu simultaneously? Well Always Innovating has created an all-in-one device called a Smart Book.

Everything out-of-the-box

You want to run all OS at the same time, but you also want to access all services and run all applications. That’s what we are offering on the Touch Book and the Smart Book! Everything comes ready out-of-the-box! You like video streaming websites such as Youtube and Hulu: not a problem. Enjoy the videos in your sofa with the Touch Book. You want to do free calls within the US, use Gmail phone on the Smart Book. Your prefer to use Skype: you can do it too.

There is one thing that we don’t provide: Flash because we think that it’s very bad software. Adobe has released some poorly written products with many security issues. Their business model relies on a monopoly while closing their standard as much as possible. As true innovators, we prefer to leave on the side such a product that behaves at the opposite of our core beliefs. But our device is open: you are free to install it yourself if it’s what you want.

Full specifications

• ARM Texas Instruments cortex-A8 with video and 3D acceleration
• Numonyx 512MB RAM + 256 MB NAND
• 8GB microSD card
• 1024×600 8.9″ capacitive touchscreen
(see the demo on the Touch Book page)
• Extractable Mini Book
• Detachable Bluetooth / USB keyboard
• Stored-in 2GB USB keychain
• Stored-in Dual Screen
• Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
• Bluetooth class 2.1
• Video output HDMI 720p
• 4 available USB 2.0 (2 internal, 2 external)
• 3-dimensional accelerometer
• Speakers, micro and headphone I/O
• Headset included
• 3 batteries:
12000mAh in the Keyboard
6000mAh in the Tablet
1500mAh in the Mini Book
• outstanding battery life
• FCC, CE, UL-certified, 5V, 3.5A power adapter
• Bi-color silver/black case
• Dark-red transparent back cover
• Secured attachment system of tablet into keyboard
• 9.7″ x 7″ x 1.3″ for 3 lbs

Smart Book®: the most versatile device ever manufactured

It’s a tablet. It’s a keyboard. It’s a MID (Mobile Internet Device). It’s a free VOIP phone. It’s a PC dual screen. It’s a USB keychain. It’s everything! It’s like an electronic “Swiss knife”. And for the price of one single device.
Save money, space, time, and headache.

Take your mobile out of your pocket to surf the web with your fingers, thanks to multi-touch technology support. Plug it into the back of the tablet to take full advantage of the larger touchscreen, as well as enhanced features and connectivity. Then attach the keyboard to enjoy the benefits of a full laptop allowing you to be as efficient as you have to.

Want your life to be even easier? Connect your wireless keyboard to any other computer, or use your tablet as a second screen – with a simple USB cable. The Smart Book is the most incredible all-in-one device ever manufactured!

Cheat Sheet

The setup is quite interesting. So its a full on netbook that has a detachable screen to reveal a tablet. Want to go even smaller? Inside of the tablet is a smaller device called a “Mini Book.” Now you have web and VoIP in your back pocket. How great is that?

The devices can also be used as peripherals to existing computer systems. The 8.9″ screen can become an extended screen, the keyboard can be used via the usb cable or as a bluetooth keyboard. Tons of possibilities.

You may order the whole system as a kit for $549 or get any of the individual components from the Always Innovating store.

As of now, this awesome system does not have a GSM radio. So I imagine that its designed to be around WiFi for the VoIP and web capabilities. While you won’t be able to use its connectivity support without WiFi, its still pretty cool. Perhaps the next iteration of the device will have a GSM radio!

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