Watch as Leo LAPORTE of ChiefTWIT interviews Craig Allen and Eric Kallman, the creators of the popular Old Spice commercial “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.”

In case you were wondering like Leo if the commercial was shot in different takes, think again. Leo bet his editor Tony Wang $100 dollars that the commercial was done all in CGI and not all in one take. To get to the bottom of it, he gets a hold of the ad agency based out of Portland, Wieden and Kennedy and interviews the creators of the commercial  Craig Allen and Eric Kallman.

The agency has had the Old Spice account for about three years now and after the success of this particular ad, they should have it for a longer period. We find out that the commercial took three days to film which is looking good for Leo. But was it done all in one take?

The 30-somethings say using lots of moisturizer keeps them looking young

Eric Kallman: This ad was aimed to talk to women as well as men since women do a lot of the I guess soap and body wash purchasing for households. So we tried to still do a  funny Old Spice spot that guys would love but also one that women would like as well.

It took crews three days to finish filming

“Dissecting” the commercial Leo finds out that nothing is CGI in this scene and it is a real shower set with running water. It is also confirmed that it is actor Isaiah Mustafa’s real voice. No voice-overs here. Which is the entire selling point of the ad, to be in-character while everything is going on takes phenomenal skills.

Take 57 on day three

Next we find out that the three-walled shower set was built upon one half of a boat set resting near the beach.The shirt landing perfectly on the stud was rigged up using fishing line and it was wrapped around a wire framing so that it would help hold its shape.

Its not until now that they use special effects

He holds an oyster which contain tickets for that “thing” she loves, the tickets turn into diamonds and a bottle of Old Spice body wash rises form his hand. This part of the commercial while being special effects trickery was not CGI.

Craig Allen explains:

They’re not CG diamonds, so what we did was, we shot the diamonds as like an element on black with a fake hand in there so there is actually a machine pumping diamonds through a fake hand that we then composite into his real hand.

"I'm on a horse."

Finally to finish off the last sequence where the actor ends up on a horse, the special effects people created a “mechanism” that carries the actor over to the horse. Sliding him from the boat onto the horse. So after three days of shooting on the 56th take, they nailed the commercial. With this Leo loses $100 bucks to his editor because the commercial was done in one take.

Thanks to the commercial’s popularity actor Isaiah Mustafa has landed a talent deal with NBC and the creators might just be recognized at the next CLIO awards.

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