In about a week the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will begin to relocate around 70,000 turtle eggs in the Florida Panhandle and Alabama beaches to a temperature-controlled warehouse at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

The goal is to preserve the batch of this years’ hatchings from certain death due to the bp oil spill. The plan is to dig out the turtle eggs from the nests and truck them over to the Kennedy Space Center warehouse where they will be kept until the eggs hatch. Once hatched, the turtles will be placed one-by-one on the eastern coast of Florida where the turtles can swim safely into the Atlantic Ocean.

As you can imagine this will be no easy task and some of the embryos inside of the eggs will not make it due to the stresses involved with the move. Nothing like this has ever been attempted and with any hope will not have to be done again.

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