Paul the “Psychic” Octopus boldly predicts Spain will win the 2010 World Cup Semi-final against Germany. So far the cephalopod has been 5-0 in its predictions of Germany’s national team match results in South Africa.  How does he do it?

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Paul the Octopus determines the winner by opening the first lid of two plastic boxes containing food with corresponding flags, in this case one for Germany and the other for Spain. The prediction was televised on German national TV from the Sea Life Aquarium in the city of Oberhausen.

The good news for Germany fans is that Paul has been wrong before, as was the case in the 2008 Euro Champ cup where one prediction did not turn out. Keep in mind that there is nothing bigger than the World Cup and Paul better be hoping he got this one wrong because even though Germany is not known for their taste in sushi, that might change if the prediction pans out.

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