Feeling down? Heart broken? Leave it to this Japanese Calbee brand chip commercial to cheer you up! Consome Panchi!!

The video is titled in the land of YouTube from “Funny Japanese Commercial” to “Crazy Japanese Commercial.” As you may already know Japanese commercials take the cake for shall we say, “creativity.” This one is no different.

A little boy is upset because he is heart broken as we find later over a girl. Lucky for him there is Consome Panchi! I don’t know what the phrase means but I’ll just name our do-gooding canine hero “Consome Panchi.”

"My ear became big because I heard about your troubles!"

Consome Panchi having a keen ear as he is a dog, hears about the little boy’s troubles. At this point we can only assume that the dog belongs to the little boy since they appear to be in the backyard of their home.

"Is this the girl you're upset about?"

Just so that Consome Panchi and the boy are on the same page, Panchi asks by dressing up as the girl in question,  ” is this the girl?” After confirmation, Panchi begins working on his plan.

Consome Panchi Think tank/Icebreaker

This is the entire part of the commercial that makes absolutely no sense to me. Consome Panchi is either trying to get inspiration for an idea on how to solve the boy’s broken heart or  is putting on a show to break the ice with.

Ah yes, its the same old story of the-girl-next-door. Whatever Consome Panchi did worked, its not very clear in the commercial but the boy and girl are smiling. Perhaps Panchi gave the boy enough courage to go talk to her or putting on the handstand show broke the ice between the two. Judging by the blue gate, the two are neighbors and young stripe-shirt couldn’t find a way to talk until Panchi did his thing. Whatever, let your imagination run wild.

"Ah, nothing like young love!"

Panchi’s stare will creep out some, but I’ll take the optimistic route. He’s thinking that there is nothing like watching his master happy (again assuming Panchi is the child’s dog). Since some Japanese look up to American culture, I wonder if Consome Panchi was influenced by Lassie in any way. Its probably a stretch since that show is long gone, but good to throw out there.

Consome Panchi!

Yay! Calbee chips saved the day!

It seems that the Calbee Chips gave Consome Panchi the inspiration he needed to break the ice between the boy and the girl (after watching the clip about 100 times, I think  the breaking-of-the-ice idea makes the most sense). A job well done Panchi, hooray!

The video clearly has been around for a while now, I just found about it the other day. On one of my searches I discovered that there is even a Facebook fan page with over 1,000 fans  titled Consome Panchi. How about that? its always comforting to know I’m not the only weirdo who gets a kick out of things like this.

Consome, Consome, Consome Panchi!

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