Alright so I was just kidding. You can rinse your mouth all you want, but it won’t help you sing like CLARA. It may help win the fight against GINGIVITIS though. As you may very well know, CLARA has been hard at work  recording her debut album at Paramount Studios. Working 12-hours straight into the early morning of her first  studio session.

Paramount Studios

You can watch some behind-the-scenes studio footage of Day 1 on her YouTube channel ClaraCMusic.

In her video, CLARA mentions that they’re working on Heartstrings and Off-Beat, while  Dreaming and The Camel Song are complete. Humorously she remarks that her guitar has been re-strung and rinsed her mouth, “a good forty-times.” Which is her “trick” to singing. What other potential singing role-models exercises proper oral-hygiene while kicking ass on the guitar and vocals? Stay tuned to her channel for more updates.

June 30th, 2010

Clara mentions that while she is recording her debut album she is NOT signed to a record deal.

CLARA Thanks for all the congratulations everyone, but there seems to have been an error somewhere. I AM recording my debut album but i am NOT signed with a record deal! =)

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