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When you read or hear the word “prepaid” you usually think cell phone refill minutes or gift cards. Now thanks to Denver-based company ID Watchdog, you will have the ability to pick up prepaid identity theft protection from the same rack as all the other cards and find out if someone is using your social security number right now!

“Identity theft impacts millions of consumers every year, but often goes undetected for months or even years, giving thieves plenty of time to do serious damage. Because identity thieves don’t discriminate, we believe that every consumer should take proactive steps to protect his or herself and loved ones from identity theft. As the industry’s first tool that can provide consumers with immediate answers, idCHECK cuts through identity theft marketing hype with the simplest and most effective path to affordable peace of mind,” said Daniel Mohan, President and Chief Operating Officer of ID Watchdog.

I first heard about this on a local news station TV report. The prepaid card idCHECK promises to find out if “someone is using your Social Security number” for a flat-rate of $9.99. You also have the option of paying for the service online. For a limited time you can use the code “idcfree01_pr” to try the service for free. Geez, I hope this doesn’t start sounding like a commercial. I promise you I’m not getting paid to post about this. The new product seems like a good idea and one that should see a nice little market given that Identity Theft is a huge problem worldwide.

idCHECK screen


Deciding to go ahead and try it for myself. The process only takes about ten minutes. You enter your personal information, including your Social Security Number and after a minute or two idCHECK returned the locations where I had taken residence in.  Thankfully I had no issues with ID theft as I confirmed that all the places that came up in the database were “known” locations. If you were not to be so lucky, according to the website idCHECK would provide you with various levels to help you clear your identity.

The limited time free trial and the prospect of instantly finding out if someone had stolen my identity were good enough reasons to try it out. Its up to you if you want to try it as its not a bad idea, especially since its free.

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