Human Centipede 2009

Dr Shows his "patients" the human centipede diagram

Ever wonder what the world’s most successful conjoined-twin separation surgeon does for fun? Easy, he does the exact opposite to perfectly healthy people by sewing their mouths to their colons connecting their digestive tracks forming a “human centipede.”. Grossed out yet? No? Ok then, watch the trailer.

After the initial shock value faded away, I realized this was just another ass-to-mouth poop flick. Literally. You basically have your usual gals getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere while traveling through Germany, unfortunately for them becoming victims of a sadisctic retired surgeon’s experiment: a three-part human centipede, with parts A-B-C.

Subject A has subject B’s mouth sewn to his anus. While Subject C is sewn to subject B’s anus, completing the “human centipede.” B and C are forced to eat subject A’s poop!

There obviously wouldn’t be any medical benefits resulting from this, only to satisfy the fantasy of psychotic German surgeon Doctor Heiter. There is no denying that I’m curious about this movie. I haven’t seen it and probably won’t but here is a sequel scheduled to be released in 2011. Watch it if you can stomach it.

You can check out an exclusive clip titled “Four Minutes of Hell” where the doctor explains the procedure his victims will undergo.

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