Clara Chung

Another guitar-toting pretty girl you say? Not quite the entire story, you’ll have to close your eyes and open up your ears for CLARA  (grand prize winner of Kollaboration 10).

I found out about CLARA by listening to a track on YouTube titled “Clouds.” The best description of this song I can give you has to be by quoting a comment by aen61: “the best part is from 0:00 – 3:32.” The track was a collaboration project between dumbfoundead, Jay Park and CLARA. You know how these things work, you watch a video and before you know it you’re clicking on related material. Luckily for me it was an outstanding find as I was directed towards the ClaraCMusic channel.

It just kept getting better from there. Next up in the ear pleasing cruise was a completely original single “Off-beat.” A distinctively catchy riff starts this one followed by CLARA’s angelic voice. Finally “Fool’s Gold” showcases her mastery of the piano and voice.

The video is from Luminance 5 at “The Loft” in UCSD.

Digging a little more through the videos I came across an interview by dumbfoundead after CLARA’s performance at Kollaboration 10

CLARA considers her music Indie-Folk-Pop-Rock. At the time of the interview she was a senior at UC Irvine studying psychology and education. She was even invited to perform at the White House for the United States Department of Education where she mentions that ironically she is missing “a full day of school and internship to be at the Department of Education.”

Studying music at a young age, she has the capability to play multiple instruments: piano, various keyboards, melodica, guitar and more.  Oh did I mention she has a fantastic voice? You’ll just have to check out the rest of her videos to listen to her great covers. My favorite one is “Fireflies” by Owl City which she collaborated with singindork888.

Now that CLARA has graduated, she is taking a year off and concentrating on her music by recording her debut album. Such a talent coupled with  a down to earth personality will surely propel her to the top quickly. Nearly 30K subscribers on YouTube, 6K on Facebook and almost 3K on twitter can’t be wrong. Best of luck!

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