Cigo Man Band

Unlikely celebrities is what its all about! The Cigo Man Band is a street performer from Croatia that is sure to put a smile on your face.

His real name is Cile, is 33 years of age and is from the hometown of Pula in the country of Croatia.

Cigo Man Band performs in a shopping center located in Rijeka, Croatia.  He plays various instruments: Guitar, drums, harmonica, kazoo, bells, horns, whistles and he even sings! When you drop a donation in his “CASH” sack, he rings a bell for you.

He has even been a guest on Croatian TV.

Cigo Man Band is becoming a fast internet sensation. It is yet to be determined if the site created and maintained for him as a donation by a fan (which has links to PayPal donations) is authentically approved by him. More importantly if the proceeds truly go to directly to his pocket. According to the page, he will use PayPal donations to save for the purchase of a boat so he can travel with his wife and kids. He also just returned home after performing April 16th & 17th at the RastRaft Festival in Slunj, Croatia.

Visit his blog site and YouTube Channel

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